Flamingo's Roads

By bike on the coasts of Sardinia

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

About us at Flamingo’s Roads

After twenty years spent in the organization of touristic/competitive cycling of the “GiroSardegna”, I decided to dedicate my commitment to touristic/environmental/healthy cycling, creating a reliable and highly efficient operating group that can address those millions of bike users who seek a use compatible with their degree of “training”.

The reality that has manifested itself in recent years is before everyone’s eyes: bike users have increased enormously due to a sum of factors (Covid pandemic, cycle paths, pursuit of physical well-being, desire for more contact with nature , search for a healthy lifestyle, etc.) and the advent of the E-bike has opened new horizons for a large part of the practitioners.

Furthermore, the bike has now become a cult object even in the affluent classes and, more and more, the “normal” cyclist wants to plan a NON-competitive use of the bicycle!

That’s why the “Flamingo’s Roads” were born!

The “ Flamingo’s Roads ” are those that line the sea of Sardinia and from which you can admire its spectacular beauties: they are UNIQUE routes in the world, extraordinary for the beauty of the beaches, the marine views and the particularity of the areas crossed: the Sardinia is a paradise for cycling in ALL its forms and the goal I have set myself is to create opportunities that over the years will be an irresistible attraction for bike users from all over the world!

And the first year is already expressed with two new events:

1) Pink Flamingos: a “journey” made by bike at the end of May by women who have encountered cancer throughout their lives and who gather in a hypothetical flight that starts from the places of suffering up to join birds that have found their ideal home: they will be the Pink Flamingos who have overcome the pain managing to hover above it, FREE !!

2) Flamingo’s Roads: the entire circumnavigation of Sardinia done in September in four different ways:

a. For randonneursROAD*1 – “1.000 Flamingos” (a NON STOP 1,000 km to be completed within 75 hours of departure); ROAD*4 – “4 Mori Flamingos” (four patents to be concluded in five days).

b. For cycle tourists: with any type of bike (Racing, Gravel, MTB, Assisted and / or ElectricROAD*10 – “Flying Flamingo” Diploma (ten consecutive stages of 100 km each); ROAD*free – “Free Flamingo” diploma (the stages are those of the ROAD*10 but can be completed in different months and / or years). Now finally the millions of Italian and foreign cyclists who have dreamed of cycling near the sea of Sardinia (Costa Smeralda, Costa del Nord, Alghero-Bosa, Costa Verde, Buggerru-Nebida, Costa del Sud, the coastal di Villasimius, and the Orientale Sarda) can do it in a simple, safe and feasible way because the daily distance is within the reach of ALL moderately trained cyclists and, of course, does not pose problems for E-bike owners!

The first year of the “Flamingo’s Roads” is online and everyone can join: don’t miss the opportunity to be there; be the precursors!

                                                                                               Cristina Concas

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