Flamingo's Roads

By bike on the coasts of Sardinia

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

What are the “Flamingo’s Roads”?

The “Roads of Flamingos” are those that line the sea of ​​Sardinia and from which you can admire all its spectacular beauties: they are extraordinary and UNIQUE routes in the world for the beauty of the beaches and sea views and for the particularity of the areas crossed.

To allow “ALL” the opportunity to benefit from the masterpieces that nature has created in the thousand kilometers that measure the circumnavigation of the island, the experiences made in the 25 editions of the “GiroSardegna” have been borrowed; but in the “Flamingo’s Roads” the stages are traveled in a new way: the pedaling rhithm is personal, the choices are individual, the routes are pre-defined and the attractions marked.

Cyclists depart from Olbia on the morning of Thursday 29 September and:

Two options are offered to the RANDONNEUR cyclist:

ROAD*1 – “1.000 Flamingos” – 1,000 km NON STOP with return to Olbia by Sunday 2nd October (75 hours from departure). The patent is valid as a pre-registration to the Paris-Brest-Paris of 2023; whoever completes it will win the “1.000 Flamingos” patent

ROAD*4 – “4 Mori Flamingos” – three stages to be completed within the day (Moro 100, Moro 200, Moro 300) then a rest day and finally the stage (Moro 400) which takes you back to Olbia by Tuesday 04 October. The patents can be carried out in a single solution within the September event or independently in the calendar year: however they are carried out, their completion is certified with the final patent “4 Mori Flamingos

Two options are offered also to the SPORT cyclist, with any type of bike he participates (Racing, Gravel, Historic, MTB, Assisted and / or Electric):

ROAD*10 – “Flying Flamingo” – ten consecutive stages of 100 km each with the last one taking you back to Olbia on Saturday 08 October: now finally the millions of Italian and foreign cyclists who have dreamed of cycling near the Sardinian sea, can do it in a simple, safe and feasible way! The daily distance is within the reach of ALL moderately trained cyclists and, of course, does not pose problems for E-bike owners! The completion of the ten stages is certified with the “Flying Flamingo” diploma.

ROAD*free – “Free Flamingo – the stages are those of ROAD * 10 but they can be completed in different months and / or years (subject to agreement with the Organizers). You can also register for one or more of the scheduled stages but it is only after the completion of the ten stages that you get the “Free Flamingo” diploma.

ATTENTION: Randonneurs who register for ROAD*1 and ROAD*4 must respect the A.R.I. (possession of a card of a Federation and a medical certificate) while Sport Cyclists can participate EVEN WITHOUT a medical certificate and registration with a Sports Club (it is sufficient to sign the membership which implies the release declaration).

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