Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

Flying Flamingo – ROAD *10

The “Roads of Flamingos” are those that line the sea of ​​Sardinia and from which you can admire all its spectacular beauties: they are extraordinary and UNIQUE routes in the world for the beauty of the beaches and sea views and for the particularity of the areas crossed.

To allow “ALL” the opportunity to benefit from the masterpieces that nature has created in the thousand kilometers that measure the circumnavigation of the island, the “Flamingo’s Roads” stages are traveled in a new way: the pedaling rhithm is personal, the choices are individual, the routes are pre-defined and the attractions marked.

Cyclists depart from Olbia on the morning of Thursday 28 September and and they will almost always pedal in sight of the sea in a simple, safe and pleasant way!

They will have arrived in Olbia on the afternoon of Wednesday 27 September (reception at the hotel, presentation briefing, delivery of numbers and materials, dinner, overnight stay) having only the bike and a trolley in which to store the essentials for the duration of the stay: ANYTHING THE REST DOES THE ORGANIZATION!

Any bag used in air/ship bike transport remains in Olbia while the “luggage” is moved daily to the various hotels reserved for each stage; the route is fixed on GPS and there is the “Carro Scopa” for the difficulties that may arise along the way.

In the daily routes, already directly from the road, you can see much of the “best” of the Sardinian coasts, but for each stage, nearby attractions are also suggested that the participant is free to see and/or do: ultimately, after the departure the cyclist can “design” the day according to his wishes!

The departures are always made all together to “make a group” but then everyone can see/do what they want (… a swim in the sea; visit a specific attraction; stop for lunch in a certain restaurant; etc.).

The “attractions” that cyclists encounter along the road are highlighted in the progressive kilometer scale of the single stage; the distances of those for which the detour is necessary are also indicated.

The constants in the manifestation are:

view of the sea and the beaches: it is practically continuous in the first 700 km, then the Orientale Sarda also shows the particularity and beauty of the mountains of the island

– scarcity of traffic: at the end of September there are no summer tourists and the roads are once again the few who have the privilege of living on the island. If we exclude the Cagliari area, for most of the 1,000 km road traffic is so poor that cyclists, pedaling in these wonders of nature, will not hear engine noises!

Every evening before dinner, in the Main Hotel of each stage, the next stage is illustrated.

The gadget of the event is the Flamingo’s Roads technical t-shirt, given to all registered cyclists, but it will be the “finisseur” medal received at the end of the ten stages that will testify to the feat accomplished.

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Each participant is given a “Road Book” (plan, elevation, progressive kilometers with indications of the direction to take).

Flamingo’ Roads is NOT a Race: cyclists are not required to have Cards and/or medical certificates: it is sufficient that everyone has signed the registration form with the release containing the declaration of being in good health and able to face the limited distance to be covered by bike in single days.

In hotels, cyclists must leave their bikes in the storage room, if available, avoiding taking them inside the rooms: any possible damage to blankets, towels, etc. will be charged to the occupants of the room.

The cars of any companions can follow the cyclist.

The stages


At the start of Flamingo's Roads 2023 the following are missing: