Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

Tithing stage – Orosei/Olbia

Start 7th october – 09.00 da Orosei – SS125 Orientale Sarda Km. 89.42 Overall climbing: m. 811 Openrunner code: 13348546 The end of the long circumnavigation of the coasts of Sardinia is approaching and the stage returns to skirt the sea, albeit often, to see the beautiful beaches that are always present, it is necessary […]

Ninth stage – Arbatax/Orosei

Start 6th october – 09.00 da Arbatax – P.le Rocce Rosse Km. 83.83 Overall climbing: m. 1.311 Openrunner code: 13305069 The stage is short because in overcome the highest point of the Flamingo’s Roads: the Genna Silana Pass (1.023 m)! After the start you stay on the flat for about ten kilometers, then the long […]

Eighth stage – Villasimius/Arbatax

Start 5th october – 09.00 da Villasimius – P.zza Generale Incani Km. 127.17 Overall climbing: m. 1.195 Openrunner code: 14048083 Long but relatively easy stage: a splendid first “marine” page (the south-east coast of Villasimius / Costa Rei) that allows you to admire the views of the island of Serpentara, on a series of inviting […]

Seventh stage – S. Margherita di Pula/Villasimius

Start 4th october – 09.00 da Pula – P.zza del Popolo Km. 96.40 Overall climbing: m. 641 Openrunner code: 13303559 Before leaving, if you have not already done so in the afternoon of the day of arrival, it is essential to go and take a look at the ruins of Nora, one of the first […]

Sixth stage – Buggerru/S.Margherita di Pula

Start 3rd october – 09.00 da Buggerru – Porto Turistico Km. 109.77 Overall climbing: m. 1.305 Openrunner code: 14045092 Relatively long and difficult stage that faces the difficulties in the initial and final part, difficulties that will however be abundantly balanced by the beauty of two coastal roads (the Buggerru-Nebida and the Costa del Sud […]

Fifth stage – Oristano/Buggerru

Start 2nd october – 09.00 da Arborea – P.za Maria Ausiliatrice Km. 95.02 Overall climbing: m. 1.090 Openrunner code: 13348679 It is a short but very special stage to be experienced intensely kilometer by kilometer enjoying everything in a relaxed way … even the stretch of dirt road of a few kilometers located within the […]

Fourth stage – Alghero/Oristano

Start 1st october – 09.00 da Bosa – P.zza Gioberti Km. 105.00 Overlall climbing: m. 1.716 Openrunner code: 13303468 It is the most difficult stage of the entire bike-holiday due to the altimetric difficulties that add up to reach a respectable overall difference in height. You immediately face the 40 kilometers of one of the […]

Third stage – Porto Torres/Alghero

Start 30th september alle 09.00 da Porto Torres – Porto (Piazza Dogana) Km. 116.28 Overall climbing: m. 857 Openrunner code: 14042257 The stage is on average long, it is not demanding and inside it contains a couple of the best pearls that the entire Flamingo’s Roads route can show. The road is flat in the […]

Second stage – Santa Teresa Gallura/Porto Torres

Friday 29th – 09.00 da Olbia – P.zza Elena di Gallura Km. 102.258 Overall climbing: m. 1.038 Openrunner code: 13303371 Before leaving S. Teresa Gallura, if you have not already done so in the afternoon of the day of arrival, it is useful to enjoy the Rena Bianca beach which is right in the town […]

First stage – Olbia/Santa Teresa Gallura

Start 28th september – 09.00 da Olbia – P.zza Elena di Gallura Km. 97.573 Overall climbing: m. 1.229 Openrunner code: 14039084 The first stage is a continuous up and down along the coast but the climbs / descents almost never exceed one kilometer in length and the road along is dotted with “attractions” of all […]