Flamingo's Roads

By bike on the coasts of Sardinia

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

Operating notes

The “Flamingo’s Roads” event is focused on a cyclist who arrives in Sardinia with only his bike and a trolley in which he puts away the essentials for the duration of his stay: THE ORGANIZATION TAKES EVERYTHING ELSE!

The arrival of the participants in Olbia is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday 28 September (reception at the hotel, presentation briefing, delivery of numbers and materials, dinner, overnight stay) but it is also possible to arrive on the morning of 29 September.

The stars, on Thursday 29th, is unique for the four types of subscribers (*1, *4, *10, *free).

The bag used for air/ship bike transport remains guarded in Olbia while the “luggage” is moved daily to the various hotels reserved for each stage; the route is fixed on GPS; there is mechanical assistance, medical assistance and there is the “Broom Car” for any difficulties that may arise along the way.

In the daily routes, directly from the road, you can see much of the “best” of the coasts of Sardinia, but for each stage there are also suggested attractions not far away that the participant is free to see and/or do: ultimately after departure the cyclist can “design” the day according to his wishes!

Departures are always done all together to “make a group”, but then everyone can see / do what they want (… a swim in the sea; visit a specific attraction; stop for lunch in a certain restaurant; etc.).

Every evening before dinner, the day’s awards ceremony is held in the Main Hotel of each stage and the next stage is illustrated.

The gadget of the event is the Flamingo’s Roads technical t-shirt, given to all registered cyclists, but only the “finisseur” medal received on arrival will testify to the achievement.

At the end of the stages of ROAD*10 the final award ceremony is scheduled.

ATTENTION, in September 2022 the following availability is available:

ROAD*1 – no limit of subscribers
ROAD*4 – no limit of subscribers
ROAD*10 – limited number to 100 participants (can be increased to 200 depending on hotel availability in some stages)
ROAD*free – no limits, but requires prior acceptance by the Organization.

The Organization will be supported by the Travel Agency F.C. Travel of S.Teresa Gallura (tel. 0789751788, mail: info@fctravel.eu) which has made agreements with the shipping companies for the purchase of tickets at a discounted price; those arriving in Sardinia by air will manage the purchase of tickets directly (the organization will provide support for the airport / hotel transfer).

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