Flamingo's Roads

By bike on the coasts of Sardinia

Flamingo's Roads

In bici sulle coste della Sardegna

The stages

These are the stages, the mileage and the total elevation gain in each of them.


In the event at the end of September, and only for those enrolled in the ROAD*10, as a further sporting stimulus, in each stage there is a stretch to be covered at a fixed, controlled and timed hourly average with daily, general and final rankings.

The cyclist, in the single stretch, is taken the initial and final time (but a possible surprise control placed within the timed stretch is also averaged): the average of the “regularity race” is set at 25 kmh so it is not characterized in a competitive spirit, but only the desire to “measure” with himself and with the other participants.

Everyone will have the right to participate (muscle bike and / or assisted / electric bike); the first three male cyclists and the first three women who in the controlled stretches have exactly kept the average of 25 km / h or who have come closest to it are awarded.

At the first stage, the leader jerseys are handed over (“Yellow” for men and “Pink” for women).

In the second stage the “race” is repeated with the same system (the first three men and three women who, in the stage, have maintained the average of 25 km / h or who have approached it more or less, are awarded); then the times of the two stages are added up and the leader’s jersey will be awarded to the man and woman who have an average overall of 25 km / h or who are closer to it.

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